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UNION SQUARE, Manhattan — UPDATE: Police say 72 people ended up being arrested at Thursday’s rally, five of which will face felony charges for assaulting police officers. Emma Carew Grovum’s Kimbap Media will cover tuition for 3 participants outside of the US to attend the Leadership Academy for Women in Media, At the end of another difficult year in the media, Poynter staffers offer their thoughts on what they’re thankful for this year. Found inside – Page 257... Antinuclear rally in Central Park, Troops Out Now rally in Harlem, and May Day rally in Union Square, New York, New York September 24, 2005, “End the War on Iraq!” rally, Washington, D.C. second wave protest surveys January 27, ... But it’s also been the site of important political actions, from protests defending the labor movement to free speech in the U.S. The protesters — … Police officers in San Francisco responded to Union Square Friday night following reports of looting and vandalism at retail stores there. Protestors converged at Union Square in New York City a few hours ago, organizing a protest that was intended to march all the way to Trump Tower on 5th Ave. "We are continuing to respond to other retail establishments where reports of vandalism has occurred," said Rueca. The NYPD says that over 40 people were arrested after a protest over the … They demanded the immediate removal of the White House’s current occupant. San Francisco's Department of Emergency Management sent out an alert shortly after 9 p.m. to avoid the area and to expect traffic delays because of the police activity. At least four people have been arrested at a heated protest in Union Square on Thursday evening, the latest in a string of nationwide demonstrations sparked by … Some of the high-end retail shops that were hit, included Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana. Students demonstrate against debt in Washington Square Park. WATCH: PROTESTERS JOIN IN SOUTH SIDE 'I HAVE A BLACK SON' MARCH EMBED More News Videos All three units, which are part of the NewsGuild of New York, have ongoing labor disputes with The New York Times Company. Vaccine mandate protest held near Golden Gate Bridge Toggle header content. As Joanna Merwood-Salisbury shows us in Design for the Crowd, the history of Union Square illustrates ongoing debates over the proper organization of urban space—and competing images of the public that uses it. “We’re actively working with The New York Times NewsGuild and the Wirecutter Union to put in place collective bargaining agreements that fairly reward our employees for their work and contributions to The Times’s success, and we look forward to continuing those negotiations at the bargaining table,” she wrote. George Floyd statue vandalized in New York’s Union Square. Union United Protests Union Square Planning Somerville, MA, Mar. Thieves reportedly targeted a Neiman Marcus store on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and a GameStop on the South Side on Friday night as protesters took the streets to oppose Kyle Rittenhouse’s’ acquittal.. Chicago police wouldn’t confirm if the thefts were related to the protests, according to FOX 32 in Chicago.. At the Neiman Marcus, a group of 15 men reportedly … Found inside – Page 155Our May Day march starts with a demonstration in Union Square, and it will end outside the International Monetary Fund (IMF) building. On the way, we stop in midtown Manhattan to rally and perform outside a place of business known for ... 25, 2015 – On March 11, some 50 residents, business owners and others marched and protested in Union Square to protest the ongoing planning process for Union Square redevelopment. Found inside – Page 131Olbermann now devotes every program to the protests, interviewing union leaders and members, eye-witnesses and ... march down from Union Square, located at 14th Street and Broadway, to Wall Street to protest the execution of Troy Davis. Standing in solidarity with protesters nationwide after the death of George Floyd, Jon Batiste will lead a peaceful protest with music on Saturday, June 6 in New York City’s Union Square. Chile has the highest level of income inequality among 30 of the world’s wealthiest nations, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. On the heels of last night’s massive protest march in response to Donald Trump’s election, demonstrators again gathered in Union Square this afternoon to voice their opposition to the president-elect. While the Union Square protest was nonviolent, protests in Chile throughout the last week have been accompanied by looting, arson and police brutality, leading to 18 civilian deaths. I did not have any issues with the cops this time around, but almost got clubbed by a flag waver who was not paying attention (you can see this in the videos). Found inside – Page 342To locate the various radical organizations in Union Square throughout the Depression , refer to Map 2 and the following ... See also , " All Police on Duty to Avert Violence at Red Rally Today , " New York Times , March 6 , 1930 , pp . About 200 people turned out for an Out Now Trump / Pence protest organized by Refuse Fascism on Labor Day. Workers at the three New York Times unions — the Times Guild, Times Tech Guild, and Wirecutter Union — rallied outside the Times building Tuesday in protest of what they say are anti-union tactics by company management. Found inside – Page 5061Their prominent positions in the campaign for the Re - Election of President Nixon had caused a large crowd to gather in Union Square as an act of protest to the Vietnam War , to President Nixon and to the Republican Party in general . Found inside – Page 132forerunner of today's public-private partnerships, Ruggles's contract with the city government required him to pay for ... During the 1850s protesters rallied at Union Square to support a variety of causes: European political radicals, ... The video shows the suspect riding past on a skateboard and splashing blue paint across the statue. The hedge fund has developed a reputation for slashing staff in newsrooms and other departments and selling off real estate at outlets it owns. Sculptures of Floyd, Breonna Taylor and John Lewis are on display in a Manhattan park known as a … And at 4:30 p.m., protesters are planning to assemble in Lincoln Square. Found inside – Page 170The next day, Still We Rise, a coalition of fifty-two New York City– based community organizations for the poor and people of color marched from Union Square to Madison Square Garden and held a rally. Then the Poor People's Economic ... Found insideUnion Square Park has a long tradition of protest, and Gandhi joins the American patriots Lincoln, Washington and Lafayette. At the southwest corner of the park was the wellknown location of “Dead Man's Curve,” which began at the ... Shocking footage shows one officer beating a protester to the point that he breaks his baton on the man as other cops try to apprehend folks in the crowded Manhattan area. Found inside – Page 102The Tower Records protest was the first recorded incidence of San Franciscans shouting the now famous slogan, ... A coalition of gay groups banned together to protest in front of Macy's department store on Union Square, where the bulk ... Jonathan Tan/WSN. The New York Daily News reports: Dozens of NYPD cops oust 300 Occupy Wall Street protesters from Union Square Park. SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco's Louis Vuitton store in Union Square was "emptied out" by thieves Friday night, witnesses posted to social media. It currently stands as the site for the Weekend Farmer’s Markets, a skateboard haven, and Occupy Wall Street. District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who represents the area, confirmed that six suspects have been arrested by San Francisco Police Department's Central Station officers. The group met near a Union Square station entrance at … Union Square crowds chanted anti-police brutality refrains, including "I can't breathe" — the words Floyd said while he was cuffed and pinned to the ground for nearly 10 minutes, a cop's knee on his neck ... (just east of Union Sq) is open today 6-9pm for silent meditation re our national shock. The Times Tech Guild, which represents more than 650 tech workers, is still waiting for its National Labor Relations Board election, which will determine if the union is officially certified. Other peaceful protests took place in Sacramento.. Six suspects were arrested in San Francisco on Friday night, accused of leaving a Louis Vuitton store in the city’s Union Square shopping district “emptied out,” according to a report.. HARRIS: RITTENHOUSE VERDICT SHOWS THERE IS ‘A LOT MORE WORK TO DO’ ON CRIMINAL JUSTICE EQUITY Found inside – Page 5061Their prominent positions in the campaign for the Re - Election of President Nixon had caused a large crowd to gather in Union Square as an act of protest to the Vietnam War , to President Nixon and to the Republican Party in general . Found inside – Page 116Known then as Union Place, this grassy clearing north of the city was named for the juncture of Boston Post Road (later to become ... After that event, Union Square became the preferred site of labor rallies and mass political protests. website maker . Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation on Aug. 10, 2021. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Found insideSee Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, “Patriotism and Protest: Union Square as Public Space, 1832–1932,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 68.4 (2009): 540–59. 28. The 1934 Union of Soviet Writers, led by Maxim Gorky, ... Found insideEnd your wandering further along MacDougal St in 7Washington Square Park, the Village's unofficial town square, which plays host to loitering NYU students, buskers and the not-infrequent political protest. 1 Union Square, Flatiron ... The demonstration began at 6:30 p.m. near the Embarcadero station, Macdonald said. Double Protest in Union Square. District 3 … 1010 WINS. union square News. According to local reports, at least a dozen people were arrested in Union Square on Wednesday night. A smash-and-grab heist of a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco ended up looking like an action movie when the police showed up -- … by Leon Kunstenaar. Found inside – Page 17Union Square was the only public park along Fourteenth Street , but it also occupied a unique historical space , as a site of radical public protest dating back to the nineteenth century . It became the central staging ground for ... ‘HE RAN ON BIGOTRY’ Demonstrators had gathered in the rain Wednesday in … Just try. News & Politics. Thursday's protest began in Union Square with Black Lives Matter protesters. Found inside – Page 586On September 24, NYPD broke a protest march from the city's financial district to Union Square, claiming the protesters were breaking the law by not having a permit and obstructing the street. The confrontation escalated, and the police ... Angela Fu is a reporter for Poynter. Found inside – Page 1171f New York City has one site that is historically linked to public protest gatherings, it is Union Square, located just beyond the northern boundary of the Village on Fourteenth Street. Union Square has been the scene of popular ... US: Stop Asian Hate Protesters Hold Vigil For Atlanta’s Victims At Union Square Park In NYC 2 19th Mar 2021 • 720p 01:53 Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer attends Union Square vigil to decry anti-Asian racism 19th Mar 2021 • 720p Protests Then: Union Square. Manhattan union square NYC protests today, count every vote, 60 arrest. Found inside – Page lxixCore members' activities in these free-of-charge outdoor sites, from thoroughfares to public gathering areas, featured declamations of protest and defiance of the government. Union Square was the heart of Lower Manhattan's outdoor ... “She had allegedly been blocking traffic on Broadway and was arrested after refusing to move, the source said,” adds the New York Post. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Two demonstrations, one to repudiate a would be dictator and the other to protest the US' crimes against humanity at its border, took place in San Francisco. Video shared on social media in the aftermath of an apparent robbery at the Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco's Union Square. Union Square is a bustling node in New York City’s transit system. A group of anti-vaccine protesters were caught on video busting up an outdoor COVID-19 testing site as they walked through Union Square on Monday. ... of members at BIU headquarters on … ... Local News is more important now than ever. In between chants of “Hey Gray Lady, time to pay me” and “What’s appalling? – On March 11, some 50 residents, business owners and others marched and protested in Union Square to protest the ongoing planning process for Union Square redevelopment. A KTVU camera crew said Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent were among the affected retailers. Our Somerville! Police were organizing close to the US Capitol on Saturday, September 8, ahead of a planned rally at Union Square in support of those charged in connection with the … Protest-fetish protest group CodePink-- a social circle whose members wear pink feather boas and zany hats while shouting -- will be in Union Square tonight, protesting President Barack Obama's visit.According to Appeal.BCN.CodePink"will ask the president to commit to an exit strategy from Afghanistan." © 1998 - 2021 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The EIN for the organization is 59-1630423. Anti-Israel Protest in Union Square (NYC) Despite the snow, and the cessation of hostilities, there was an anti-Israel protest in Union Square (NYC) today. The NYPD says that over 40 people were arrested after a protest over the … Found inside – Page 152As the protesters approached Union Square, a large group split off eastward toward a building housing military offices. This was not what Davidoff and Gottehrer had agreed to, but by now they had lost control of the crowd. "Additional officers are responding to the area and are mobilizing to address the fluid and evolving situation.". Breaking News. 11/20/2021 1:00 PM PT. A protest labeled "Biden's Win Is a Very Good Thing, But the Struggle Is Far From Over " rallied at Powell & Market, San Francisco and marched to Union Square. They deserve a newsroom and workplace that is safe and healthy and strong and runs according to the values that we all represent.”. Two of the marchers just flipped over … September 8, 2020. He said they did "great work" and that there were no injuries. When they said, “Out now,” they meant it. Caution: Content has strong language and video may be disturbing to some. Found insideThree years later, the Socialist International or “Second International,” made it a holiday for radicals, and by 1890 there were hundreds of demonstrations around the world, including thirty thousand people in Union Square. Protest Trump: 6pm Union Square — Alison Kinney (@Alison_Kinney) November 9, 2016. NEW YORK (AP) — Several dozen people were arrested Wednesday night in New York City after police say they “attempted to hijack” a peaceful protest by lighting trash on fire, hurling debris and fighting with officers. NBC New York’s Katherine Creag reports. National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality Oct. 22 at Union Square Park by AUTODIDACT 17 and ANDREE PENIX SMITH October 22, 2020 October 22, 2021 Share this: Nearly two hours before the city's 11 p.m. curfew, looters were seen smashing their way into the Zumiez store on 13th Street and Broadway. Thieves made off with merchandise after the San Francisco's Louis Vuitton store was ransacked Friday night. S.F. Misinformation is spreading online about a military media takeover, News Editor, Social Justice - Portland, OR. Police officers in San Francisco responded to Union Square Friday night following reports of looting and vandalism at retail stores there. One officer can be seen with his firearm drawn at what appears to be someone occupying the vehicle. SFPD Officer Robert Rueca said several arrests were made and that at around 8:10 p.m., officers responded to reports of possible looting and vandalism at Union Square retailers. On the surface, these choices appear… The protesters — marching against the city’s vaccine mandates for public school teachers along with demonstrators holding a sign demanding “health freedom now” — appeared to abruptly target the … Meanwhile, NYPD officers in riot gear in the pre-dawn hours today stormed an Occupy encampment that had been established in Union Square. Found inside – Page 122the rally, and a battalion of the 82nd Airborne Division was ensconced in the Executive Oce Building ready to ward o ... in Union Square in downtown Manhattan, planning to march in support of Freddie Gray and protest his death at the ... Vaccine mandate protest held near Golden Gate Bridge, Pedestrian walking on Hwy 101 in Petaluma struck by car, San Francisco jury acquits 81-year-old man of attempted murder against ex-wife, Alameda police advise businesses to be on high alert after several retail thefts, Queen Elizabeth II attends christening of 2 great-grandsons, NHL-best Hurricanes keep road trip going with sliding Sharks, Olympic officials: Chinese tennis star Peng says she is safe, Sacramento Kings fire coach Luke Walton in his 3rd season: Source, Ovechkin, Sheary score 2 each as Caps blank Sharks 4-0. Union Square is the latest stop for the George Floyd sculpture, which spent a couple of weeks on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn over the summer. Found inside – Page -night; Mark Puente, “After Freddie ... “'Million Hoodie' March Takes Union Square in Protest of Trayvon Martin's Fatal Shooting,” New York Daily News, ... Despite the mantra that the future of newspapers depends on paid digital subscriptions, many appear ready to forgo revenue to keep numbers growing. In New York's East Village, a group who gathered earlier at Union Square marched three miles today during protests. Several protesters were arrested early Wednesday after scores of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators converged on Union Square Park in Lower Manhattan, the authorities said. 934 Likes, 50 Comments - United Afghan Association (@unitedafgassociation) on Instagram: “SAN FRANCISCO STOP KILLING AFGHANS PROTEST 8/28 Union Square 2pm⁣ ⁣ ⁣ … User @Yealenne posted video that shows the immediate aftermath of the theft with shattered windows on the store's ground and San Francisco police officers who responded to the scene. ©2021 FOX Television Stations, until THU 7:00 AM EST, Lake County, Volusia County, Walt Disney World suspends sale of most annual passes, Fauci warns against ‘prematurely’ dropping mask rules amid COVID-19 spike, Publix sets purchase limits for certain items this holiday season: See list, Police: Pregnant librarian killed in alleged road rage shooting was aggressor, 'United for Waukesha' fund supports families impacted by parade tragedy, VIDEO: 9-year-old Florida girl fights off suspected robber to protect mom, Daytona Beach police investigating homicide, searching for suspect, Cold front to arrive in Central Florida soon: Timeline, expected temperatures, Ex-NFL player Zac Stacy bonds out of Orange County Jail, Cold front to drop temperatures in Central Florida to 30s, 40s ahead of Thanksgiving. Found inside – Page 172This was the stand taken by the Committee to Protest Racist Defamation , headed by the well - known civil - rights attorney ... It is doubtful that Rockwell will get a permit for a rally in Union Square by May 1 , since the city is now ... Found inside – Page 198It will be noted that the John Reed Club protest followed the Union Square rioting by a little more than 2 months . For 20 years , the Communist Party has looked back upon March 6 , 1930 , as the red letter day in the history of ... Source: NYC 'Daily News' A group of anti-vaccine protesters were caught on video busting up an outdoor COVID-19 testing site as they walked through Union Square on Monday. Design for the Crowd: Patriotism and Protest in Union Square. Found insideFIREME'N'B exi-iiarriou arr UNION SQUARE. ® . Pacifism“! ... Firemen's Exhibition nion Square's former reputation as a hotbed of Usocial unrest and protest is well deserved. ... So too the now famous May Day Parade. Today the area is ... Protests against police brutality, supporting Black Lives Matter and demanding Justice for George Floyd erupted across the country this past weekend, and we joined the Union Square protest in NYC. “Whose Somerville? At Least 40 Arrests Made At Union Square Protest Over George Floyd’s Death. Found inside – Page 120... Washington Square in the West Village, Union Square Park is also often the site of civil demonstrations. ... not least of which is the old American Savings Bank at 20 Union Square East – now the Daryl Roth Theatre 120 W C h e ls e a ... by Yuxiao Yuan, Somerville Neighborhood News (Staff) Somerville, Mass. Sculptures of Floyd, Breonna Taylor and John Lewis are on display in a Manhattan park known as a … James Messerschmidt. PORTLAND, Ore. – A riot was again declared by authorities Sunday night in Portland when protesters marched to a police union building, blocked a … Found inside – Page 48The Union Square gathering elicited more official lawlessness than similar meetings held that day under Communist Party auspices in large cities throughout the country . A confrontation resulted when , at the end of the demonstration ... police respond to … Found inside – Page 8365 ] PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE FOR MAY DAY DISSOLVES The Provisional Committee for the 69th Anniversary of May Day , sponsors of labor's May Day 1954 demonstration at Union Square , at a meeting of committee officers and rank and file AFL ... Protests against Donald Trump's policies continued on Saturday. News. Union Square crowds chanted anti-police brutality refrains, including "I can't breathe" — the words Floyd said while he was cuffed and pinned to … Video. By Muhamad Zen, 05 November, 2020. The protest is slated to kick off 11 a.m. Saturday at Union Park, 1501 W. Randolph St. Thousands of people have indicated on on Facebook they plan to participate. “Every single person here who makes the Times what it is deserves representation,” said NewsGuild of New York president Susan DeCarava. Subscribe to The Poynter Report here. Anti-Trump protesters cry at Union Square. William C. Lopez/NYPOST. Join us tomorrow, September 14, at 5:30 p.m. at Union Square North, as we gather in protest — led by parents with strollers — to demand immediate action from Mayor de Blasio. Found inside – Page 137“For over a century, Union Square has provided an important forum for public gatherings and protest. ... point,” notes Jessica Rechtschaffer, a member of the Radical Homosexual Agenda, lamenting the fence now surrounding the space. More than 100 people gathered in Union Square on Saturday to protest the events at demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. Union Square today displays an extraordinary mania for subdivision. Initially, Union Square didn’t look much different. Get the Poynter newsletter that's right for you. Learn how your comment data is processed. Found insideThat was the last thing that had been on his mind when he turned his steps to Union Square, but how could he refuse ... “Help me now. I have no prayers for this. Never was I in a church like this, and never did I see such people before. Found inside – Page 332Colin Moynihan, “Wall Street Protest Begins, with Demonstrators Blocked,” City Room Blog, New York Times, ... September 22, 2011; Dominique Zonyee Scott, “In Union Square Tonight, a Protest against the Execution of Troy Davis,” Local ... Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2019. 0. +4. Officers immediately use their batons to smash the Ford Mustang's windows and windshield. View May Day demonstrators scuffle with counter-protesters, who defined themselves as 'anti-communist and anti-socialists' and supporters of President … A pink door displaying the words “Come out of the [debt] closet” stood near the Washington Square Arch. The NewsGuild of New York has filed at least five unfair labor practice charges against the company since August. Civil Rights: Police Brutality Protest Today in Manhattan’s Union Square. original image (8288x5520) But the real action came in Union Square, where marchers began to demolish a mobile COVID testing station. Found inside – Page 99Historically a space for labor and other kinds of protest, Union Square was reanimated as a passionate gathering place. After the group found a strong response there, 'Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War' was moved uptown to Times Square. The rally comes less than two weeks before the Wirecutter Union’s Black Friday deadline for a new contract. Jon Batiste⁩ are his volunteer Second Line is stepping off from Union Square in musical protest Link to tweet Bill Weir @BillWeirCNN .⁦@JonBatiste⁩ are his volunteer Second Line is stepping off from Union Square in musical protest Embedded video 1:27 PM - Jun 6, 2020 3. “This is what democracy looks like,” protesters chanted while waving signs with anti-Trump slogans. Protesters marched to Union Square, where they intended to join another protest staged outside of … Looting and vandalism at San Francisco's Union Square. George Floyd statue vandalized in New York’s Union Square. Found inside – Page 199The tradition of Union Square as a forum for mass protest was not born until the first decade of the present century. ... On the roof of the six-story building now occupied by Klein's famous dress emporium, at 28-30 Union Square East, ... SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco's Louis Vuitton store in Union Square was "emptied out" by thieves Friday night, witnesses posted to social media. Astroworld medics risked their own lives 'going into the mob and pulling out patients,' firm chief says. The New York Daily News spoke with Linda Lopez, who was testing patients the moment protesters acted out. Protest in Union Square Park 2 Police shooting 7-07-16. by Norman Graham July 8, 2016. by Norman Graham July 8, 2016 0 comment. Bosses stalling,” union leaders outlined the ways The New York Times has allegedly delayed negotiations. NYPD makes multiple arrests after George Floyd protest in Union Square. Protesters gathered in Union Square on Thursday to protest the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The incident at the high-end store located at Geary Boulevard and Stockton was first documented on Twitter at around 8:25 p.m. Organizers of a Black Lives Matter protest in Union Square that attracted dozens of supporters say they believe their First Amendment right to protest is … Found inside92 When the protest at Union Square broke up at 12:48 a.m., the undercover team reported this activity, informing handlers that protesters were now “leaving in diff[erent] directions.”93 Similar to Intel's surveillance of RNC 2004 ... The protest began in Union Square during the afternoon, and spread by early evening to the Foley Square court complex, City Hall and then Zuccotti Park in … News News Based on facts, either observed and verified directly by the reporter, or reported and verified from knowledgeable sources. Protesters in Manhattan clashed with officers of the New York Police Department on Thursday as they convened at Union Square to protest the killing of George Floyd. Code Pink, Women in Black say no to war / Females protest from Union Square to D.C. Ryan Kim , Chronicle Staff Writer. Fights break out at anti-lockdown protest in New York City (VIDEO) A rally held in New York City against Covid-19 measures devolved into shouting matches and scuffles as police tried to separate anti-lockdown activists and counter-demonstrators. The march initially was scheduled to start in Humboldt Park and travel through Logan Square, but organizers decided to … San Francisco's Louis Vuitton store in Union Square was "emptied out" by thieves Friday night, witnesses posted to social media. Found insidethe 1930s protest became a national pastime, rivaling baseball and cricket for the devotion and participation of the ... paraders, organizers, lecturers, young revolutionaries, and audiences to fill New York City's Union Square and ...

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