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Isotta Fraschini's first racing automobile quickly helped to build the brand's racing reputation, the massive 17.2 liter 24 horsepower four-cylinder was driven by Vincenzo Fraschini in several races. A Isotta Fraschini é uma marca italiana historicamente conhecida pela fabricação de carros, que estão entre os mais luxuosos e prestigiosos que já foram feitos, assim como caminhões, motores para embarcações e aviões. Isotta-Fraschini was founded in 1900 by Cesare Isotta and brothers Vincenzo, Oreste and Antonio Fraschini. Found inside – Page 59tract for Isotta Fraschini . The Zagato cabs were among the earliest with the cab situated over the engine , the dominant truck design of today . From 1938 until the end of World War II , Zagato produced only three bodies on automobile ... €89.95 VAT inc. Show all. But it was the long hood and Italian coachwork on a standard 145-inch wheelbase that really set Isotta Fraschinis apart from other luxury cars. Isotta Fraschini was an Italian luxury car manufacturer established in 1900. The winning car is built on an extremely long 145 . Change Location. Isotta Fraschini was an Italian luxury car manufacturer, company also produced also trucks, and engines for marine and aviation use. This car is only . Created only to be agent and dealer for some foreigner car firms, Isotta Fraschini . cosplay costume 20% off go now. Isotta Fraschini began turning out . Initially the company's main business was importing a variety of French cars, like Renault, Mors and Pieper. Best of Show, Concours d'Elegance at Copshaholm & Best of Show Cincinnati Concours d'Elegance. Found inside – Page 6Fiat and Isotta Fraschini had both put out sports cars in 1917-18 that had four-wheel brakes. The Isotta gave a choice: two brake pedals closely side by side, so you could apply front, alone, rear alone, or both together, with one foot. Born in 1870 and educated in Turin, Stefanini moved to . The smaller Isotta Fraschini cars of 1914 closely paralleled the offerings of FIAT and Itala, coming in 2.3-litre, 3-litre and 4.4-litre sizes, with monobloc engines, 4-speed gearboxes, and optional electrics. Isotta-Fraschini. ), A facelifted Touareg arrived in 2014 with a reprofiled nose, fresh alloy wheel designs, standard lumbar support for the front seats and an automatic post-collision braking system as standard across the range. Found inside – Page 222Isotta - Fraschini OC 5 . Isotta - Fraschini Tipo 8 Two of Isotta - Fraschini's most admired products were the Tipo 8 , launched in 1920 and its larger sister the Tipo 8A , launched in 1924. Both these cars were comparable with the most ... On 16 July 1958 he finally sold the car back to Isotta Fraschini. Found insideThere's a 1929 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A, a 1936 Hispano-Suiza J12, and a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. Rarely in the Bond series have background cars been so acutely cast; these were some of the greatest names in the pioneering pre-war ... This beautifully lined Isotta Fraschini can be called as extremely rare, the eight cylinder car has probably the longest bonnet we have seen so far on a two-seater cabriolet. Found inside – Page 2by T. R. Nicholson * Torpedo Mylord ' by Sala on the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 A chassis , 1929 . ( Photo : Egon Hanus ) The development of the Fabbrica Automobili Isotta already taken a hold on the American market ; Fraschini , its cars ... For those of you who know, the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Roadster was a luxury and classic automobile made by the Italian car manufacturer Isotta Fraschini. It was ordered but apparently was never delivered. One of the most beautiful Isotta Fraschinis was a dramatic two-passenger roadster, produced by the famed Milanese coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring on a Tipo 8A chassis. Found inside – Page 154About 20 sports cars with 1.1 and 1.5– litre engines were made. ISIS I 1960–1961 See “De Tomaso.” ISO I 1953–1979 Autoveicoli S.p.A., Bresso (Milano) 1953–1974). Varedo (1974–1979). Sports CarS. ISOTTA FRASCHINI I 1900–1949 Soc. The Isotta-Fraschini used in Sunset Boulevard has Norma Desmond's initials on the door. Select a distance 25 miles 50 miles 100 miles 500 miles Nationwide. The array of white-dial instruments echoes the elegant exterior theme, contrasted by the rich blue leather interior for the seats and pocketed door panels. Found inside – Page 65Diamond tires were on the winning car in the Southern Runabout Cup race. The Isotta-Fraschini cars were named for company founders Cesare Isotta and Vincento Fraschini, who first worked together assembling Renaults at the turn of the ... Re: Isotta Fraschini Cars that graced India About the I F in our family, I was thinking and after searching the net for a car owned by the actress (nothing turned up though other cars owned by her did) I read that a firm called Lorraine Dietrich bought a controlling stake in the company in the early 1900s and that Lorraine Dietrich later became . CUV - Offshore Catamarano Cuv Mike Peters (12.78 Mt) 203.72 Km/h With 2x 850cv Isotta Fraschini N 77 World Championship 1989 Riccardo Ravizza - Ruggero Ravizza - Marco Vanoli - Pietro Ciceri. Among the opulent cars that will be present on the grass at the 67th annual Pebble Beach Concours will be the marque's first chassis ever built, a 1901 prototype, and also the last . Isotta Fraschini cars are rare. Monterey County, CA, USA. The Milanese company made its name by making race cars, but they discovered the American market in the 1920s. It was not just left to gather dust, though, but was maintained while in storage. More specifically, the company makes two classes of high speed diesel engines, the 1300 series and . 1930 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A S Base. Their top of the market, luxury carriages were practically unsaleable but they had . The customers rate performance and sound higher than fuel consumption per litre and environmental awareness. These are geared to basic male instincts. After World War 1 Cattaneo switched to a one-model Isotta Fraschini car programme with the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8, a 5.880cc 9-bearing pushrod ohv straight-8 with alloy block, magneto ignition, 3-speed unit gearbox, central ball change, multi-plate clutch, semi-elliptic springing, and coupled 4-wheel brakes. The car, the Tipo D, led to the Tipo FE, which was powered by an innovative and compact 1.2 liter four-cylinder. It was a gift from her lover, automobile magnate Walter Chrysler." -- Last edit: 2006-10-20 00:09:36: wickey 2006-10-20 00:28. wickey 2006-10-20 00:28. archi87 wrote Thanks for the quotation, wickey! The successor Tipo 8A followed in 1924, retaining the eight-cylinder layout, but with an entirely new chassis and suspension. Isotta Fraschini e Motori Breda. A 12hp twin Isotta Fraschini car appeared in 1902, but the first wholly Italian designed Isotta Fraschini cars were not seen until 1903. Q: What was the lowest recorded sale price for a Isotta Fraschini? This new engine could produce 115-160 brake horsepower (86-119 kW). In 1934 a 4-speed synchromesh box was offered, but by now sales were down to a trickle (only 25-30 8Bs were made all told, as against 950 8As) and the Isotta Fraschini car company, after unsuccessful negotiations for a merger with Henry Ford, elected to concentrate on aero engines. Most straight-8s were exported: of 1.370 delivered Isotta Fraschini cars between 1919 and 1935 about 450 went to the United States and there were agencies in eight foreign capitals. An Italian Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Cabriolet glided to victory at the 65th Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on Sunday. Great Post! This project has been in creation for almost two decades. Thanks for giving us useful information ,if you see more check this site Upcoming Cars and Bikes in India Best deal under your budget. Silent film star Norma Desmond's magnificent luxury car, the Isotta-Fraschini, plays a pivotal role in Sunset Boulevard (1950). 2Pcs/1 Set COB 39mm 3W 120LM White Festoon Interior Dome LED Light Car Lamp Bulb (Fits: Isotta Fraschini) 4.5 out of 5 stars (17) 17 product ratings - 2Pcs/1 Set COB 39mm 3W 120LM White Festoon Interior Dome LED Light Car Lamp Bulb. These new Isotta Fraschini cars followed the fashionable Mercédès idiom with pair-cast 4-cylinder engines, side valves in a T-head, low tension magneto ignition, 4-speed gearboxes and side-chain drive. 1925 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Base. By 1906 Isotta Fraschini were Italy’s second-ranking manufacturers, after FIAT, but they were hard hit by the Agadir Crisis, and in 1907 there was a successful takeover bid by Lorraine-Dietrich of France, whose intention it was to integrate the Milan Isotta Fraschini car-factory into their organization. A novelty in 1908 was a 1.327cc racing voiturette with ohc 4-cylinder monobloc engine said to run up to 3.500rpm; this Isotta Fraschini car went into limited production as the FENC type. Only 1 left! An Early Italian Masterpiece Designed by the Great Engineer Giustino Cattaneo. Most models were mounted on a very long 145 wheelbase chassis. Found inside – Page 340Automobiles ( Continued ) UF Automobiles , Gasoline Cars ( Automobiles ) Gasoline automobiles Motor - cars BT Locomotion ... automobile Holden automobile Honda automobile Horch automobile Hyundai automobile Isotta - Fraschini automobile ... The short clip below explains the car's history. How building trucks and engines for boats and aircraft kept Isotta-Fraschini afloat other than cars. Isotta Fraschini Motori is a legendary Italian brand that has played a fundamental role in Italian aviation and automotive history. The first chassis with Found insideWe have a car. And not one of those cheap new things made of chromium and spit. An Isotta-Fraschini. Have your ever heard of Isotta-Fraschinis? All hand-made. Cost me twenty-eight thousand dollars.” The camera has panned over to the ... Free shipping. In 1925 the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 gave way to the 7.4-litre Isotta Fraschini 8A with servo brakes, higher gear ratios, and an output of 110 – 120bhp; the 135 bhp Isotta Fraschini 8ASS sports version was said to do 104mph. Vehicles Cars Trucks SUVs Vans Your Garage Automotive Parts & Accessories 1-24 of 29 results. The 1929 Isotta-Fraschini 8A used in Sunset Boulevard (1950). See more ideas about antique cars, classic cars, vintage cars. Driven by Legendary American Racing Driver Teddy Tetzlaff. In 1902, two Italian men, Cesare Isotta and Vincenzo Fraschini, began production of the first car to bear their names and begin one of the first super-luxury. great article! €295.00 VAT free. Found inside – Page 164The Isotta Fraschini, another Italian armored car, was a large boxlike vehicle with a revolving turret mounting a single machine gun. The Belgians were the first to use armored cars in World War I: two Minerva Tourers armored and ... The Isotta Fraschini T8 and T12 are Italian concept cars revealed in 1996 and 1998 respectively as an attempt by Isotta Fraschini to resurrect their prestigious luxury automotive brand name of the early 20th century. Among the Finest and Most Original Pre-WWI Racing Cars Extant. 1933 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A SS Base. available. The Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8C Monterosa, which came out in 1948, was the last model from the Italian marque. The company started by importing French cars which were assembled in Italy. Found inside – Page 59tract for Isotta Fraschini. The Zagato cabs were among the earliest with the cab situated over the engine, the dominant truck design of today. From 1938 until the end of World War II, Zagato produced only three bodies on automobile — as ... Found inside – Page 18The other, which was generally similar, was based on a Bianchi or Isotta-Fraschini car chassis. The two armoured cars were shipped to Libya in the autumn of 1912, but by then fighting had almost ceased and their use was limited mainly ... Other products to the rescue. 4530/P - LIMITED 90 ITEMS. Found inside – Page 73The use of brakes on the front axle began only in 1910, thanks to Isotta Fraschini, a luxury car manufacturer. This innovation did not regard the brakes themselves, which were similar to other rear brakes, nor the realization of their ... 1912. By 1929 a Isotta Fraschini carlimousine cost £2.900 in London or $22.750 in New York. The competition drew 219 cars from 16 countries and 29 U.S. states to the 18th fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links. Found insideOnly six cars had been made when , in 1950 , the Italian government liquidated the company to prevent its bankruptcy . IsottaFraschini passed through other hands and still existed in 1990 , engaged in general engineering activities . Valentino had already owned an Isotta Fraschini Town Car when he ordered this car to be bodied by Fleetwood with a sporting and elegant body paying close attention to all details as it was being built. Cesare Isotta and Vincenzo Fraschini did. The Isotta Fraschini chassis plate, identifying the car as 687 is prominently mounted on the dash. We'll take a look at Norma's car and the Italian company that manufactured it. All isotta fraschini posters are produced on-demand using archival inks, ship within 48 hours, and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. More specifically, the company makes two classes of high speed diesel engines, the 1300 series and . Shedded Bliss. Found inside – Page 9This represents Although automobile production in Ilungary is still very an increase of 1042 per cent over 1927 production ... cars of local | 300 , " Isotta - Fraschini ” with 260 , “ Ansaldo ” with 200 , “ Italia ” design assemiled in ... One of the world's most innovative automakers, IF introduced four wheel brakes in 1909, and the Tipo 8 series, unveiled . History. Used. When the car was ready, the Isotta was showcased at an . Isotta Fraschini Motori is a legendary Italian brand that has played a fundamental role in Italian aviation and automotive history. These new Isotta Fraschini cars followed the fashionable Mercédès idiom with pair-cast 4-cylinder engines, side valves in a T-head, low tension magneto ignition, 4-speed gearboxes and side-chain drive. JamesEdition makes it easy to find Isotta-Fraschini cars you're looking for, we feature Isotta-Fraschini for sale by dealerships around the world. The last year brought numerous successes in the USA, where 40 Isotta Fraschini cars were sold. Found inside – Page 81... Citroen , Delage , Isotta - Fraschini , and Morris . Most of these cars , with the exception of the Fiats , were sold several years ago ; dealers of American cars do not regard the European competition as at all serious at present . Found insideIn 1913 two other armoured-car prototypes were built with private funding. The Isotta Fraschini RM armoured car and the Bianchi 'Automitragliatrice' (machine-gun car) were not developed for mass HISTORICAL BACKGROUND • Early armoured ... Published bibliographies of the output of any motor car manufacturer are rare, and this i.. Found inside – Page 23Chapter 2 1913 Isotta Fraschini Restored IN LLOYD C. PARTRIDGE's collection of beautifully restored antique cars is a 1913 Isotta Fraschini that won several awards for beauty and workmanship . Weather - beaten and battered , the Isotta ... Isotta-Fraschini is an Italian manufacturing company which produces marine engines and other goods. Found inside – Page 14The car is an Isotta Fraschini, a rare Italian car. Here's Grandpa's story: "After finishing our freshman year, my very good friend Eddie Manville and I went to California to spend the summer touring Northern California, ... The Italian government had vetoed Isotta Fraschini's planned rapprochement with Ford and more or less ordered the company to focus on aero engines. CLASSIC.COM is a trademark of CLASSIC.COM LLC. Only two cars of this model were all handmade by bodywork maker Castagna from Milan. Finished entirely in bright white, including its chassis, the car featured a veered and contoured windshield before a plunging. The last example that he commissioned . Fun fact: Erich von Stroheim, who plays Norma's faithful butler Max von Mayerling, couldn't drive so the car scenes had to be filmed with the Isotta-Fraschini being towed or by using process shots. Jan 29, 2018 - Explore Wason Phaniphat's board "Isotta Fraschini" on Pinterest. Isotta Fraschini, the greatest luxury brand of pre-war Italy, will be celebrated with three full classes at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on August 20. Its magnificent engine was a 5.9-litre . Buy isotta fraschini posters designed by millions of artists and iconic brands from all over the world. The Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A had the most powerful production straight-eight engine when it was introduced in the mid-1920s. insights for the classic car industry – including market values, Then, in the wake of World War II, came dreams of a revival. Isotta Fraschini was an Italian luxury car manufacturer, also producing trucks, as well as engines for marine and aviation use. Isotta-Fraschini built many fine cars prior to WWI but is best remembered today for the Cattaneo-designed Tipo 8 and its derivatives. Norma shows up at the studio, only to be treated as an object of curiosity and ridicule (clip below). (As described in the movie. Found inside – Page 546... automobile Horch automobile Hupp automobile Hydrogen cars Hyundai automobile Isetta automobile Iso automobiles Isotta - Fraschini automobile Isuzu automobile Jensen automobile Jordan automobile Jowett automobile Kaiser automobile ... Find new and used Isotta Fraschini Classics for sale by classic car dealers and private sellers near you. Isottas were as meticulously crafted and as well finished as their lofty competition. The 1909 range included a modern sv monobloc four, the ENC, available in 2.1-litre and 2.2-litre forms, though the old combination of T-head engine and chain drive persisted until 1913. Foi fundada em Milão, na Itália, em 1900 por Cesare Isotta e os irmãos Vincenzo, Antônio e Oreste Fraschini.Em 1955 a companhia uniu-se à Breda Motori e foi . Introduced in August 1919 as the result of Isotta's switch to a one-model policy, the massively built Tipo 8 was the world's first series production straight eight. Isotta Fraschini was founded late in the 19th century in Milan by the Oreste Fraschini, his brothers Vincenzo and Antonio, and Cesare Isotta. Found insideC. and used his extensive experience of the automotive industry to negotiate a contract for Isotta Fraschini to construct as many as 30,000 cars for export to Sweden. Unfortunately Isotta Fraschini's management decided that they could ... In spring 1931 the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A was replaced by the Tipo 8B. Found inside – Page 46In the two CAR previous races held here , recSunbeam ords have fallen and the huge crowds in attendance have Peugeot . been furnished with " excite- Peugeot . Isotta - Fraschini . ment - de - luxe , ” but those who Isotta - Fraschini ... However, if you have any suggested amendments please contact us at, For sale is a beautiful Harley Davidson Flathead , The bike start and run great. Long thought to have been designed by Ettore Bugatti, the FENC was instead the roadgoing development of the racing FE designed by Italian engineering pioneer Giuseppe Stefanini. Isotta Fraschini "tipo 8 AS", Castagna, 1929. 1930 Isotta Fraschini 8A SS in Saint Louis, MO Destined to become one of Italy's most prestigious luxury car manufacturers, Isotta-Fraschini formed in the late 1800s when lawyer Cesare Isotta partnered with brothers Vincenzo, Antonio, and Oreste Fraschini. This had a redesigned engine capable of 3.000rpm, coil ignition, and a stiffer and deeper frame; from 1932 Isotta Fraschini car was available with a 4-speed preselective gearbox, a conversion initiated by Antione Lago, then the Isotta Fraschini company London agent. In the early 20th century it was famous worldwide as a luxury car manufacturer, while later it turned to the production of marine and aircraft engines as well as other goods. I'd have gone with the Chevy Vega used in the self-serve gas sketch if I were her. Vintage Car Art, Vintage Isotta Fraschini Print, Old Car Art, Cars, Classic Cars, Nursery Room Art Decor, Baby Room, Cars Print Circa 1929 WrenCo 5 out of 5 stars (5) $ 28.99 FREE shipping Add to Favorites RARE "World Cars 1972" Coffee Table Book - Automobile Club of Italy - '72 Edition - Most Fabulous Humongous Car Geek Book EVER! 1/43 RIO-MODELS. 1930 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A SS Base. Buy Animal Onesie Pajamas Pokemon at QualityOnesie 10% OFF. SELECT YEAR. The motto was, "Import, sell . Found inside – Page 384Automobile trains TL235 , UF Trains , Automobile BT Trucks RT Tractor trailer combinations Automobile ... automobile Hyundai automobile Isetta automobile Isotta - Fraschini automobile Isuzu automobile Jensen automobile Jowett automobile ... This was available on production Isotta Fraschini cars by 1911, and three years later was standardized on the larger Isotta Fraschini cars. They were 'the Italian Bugatti'. ISOTTA FRASCHINI - 8c Monterosa Zagato Italy 1947. Discusses luxurious, expensive, custom-made automobiles built between 1925 and 1942. Includes the Bugatti, Bentley, Alfa-Romeo, Duesenberg, Cord, Stutz, and others. See more ideas about classic cars, antique cars, vintage cars. Various cylinder capacities were tried: the 1947 Paris Salon Isotta Fraschini car had a 3.4-litre unit, but production models were to have had 2.544cc engines. The 1908 Isotta Fraschini Tipo FENC is one of the ground-breaking automotive designs of the early 20th century. Our search technology instantly finds Isotta-Fraschini for sale from our database of thousands of luxury and exotic cars. This Isotta Fraschini car had a 90 degrees ohc V8 engine mounted at the rear of a platform chassis, with independent front suspension by rubber in compression and swing-axle rear suspension. Found inside – Page 13421, 27, 28, 30 Indianapolis 500 (1913), 47; (I930's), 1 12 Isotta-Fraschini automobile, 93 itala automobile, 47 Jannings, Emil, 85 Johnson, Frank, 66. 71 Jones. Bobby. 1 12 Kaempffert. Waldemar. 72 Kansas City Journal Post, 107 Kanzler. The company went bankrupt in 1999. €78.95 VAT inc. . One of the most beautiful Isotta Fraschinis was a dramatic two-passenger roadster, produced by the famed Milanese coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring on a Tipo 8A chassis. 1927 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A I sotta Fraschini derived significant technical advancements from its early racing endeavors, and they became the first automaker to fit four-wheel brakes to its production cars as standard equipment. Output was 80bhp at a low 2.200rpm, and the Isotta Fraschini car was conceived from the start as a chauffeur-driven carriage – hence the ponderous handling that attracted unfavourable comparisons with the contemporary 32CV Hispano-Suiza. This car was developed in collaboration with three prominent coachbuilders: Zagato, Touring and Milanese Carrozzeria Boneschi. The company grew rapidly and four years later they were the second biggest car manufacturers in Italy. Isotta Fraschini competed with Rolls-Royce and Hispano-Suiza in the super-luxury market. Unfortunately, due to the Wall Street Crash of 1929 that caused the Great Depression in the United States, there was't much of a market for such a car. The Isotta Fraschini 8A was a car manufactured by Isotta Fraschini, successor to the Tipo 8 model with a new 7.3 litre straight-eight engine to replace the 5.9 litre unit used in the previous model. Today the company's business focuses on designing, building and selling energy generation and propulsion systems. 1929 Isotta Fraschini 8A Established as an automaker in 1902 by Cesare Isotta and the brothers Fraschini (Oreste, Vincenzo and Antonio), from around 1920 to the early 1930s Isottas were more popular in the United States than any other foreign marque except for Rolls-Royce. There was an original guarantee that these cars would do 90mph, with the capability of running at both 90mph and 6mph in the same gear. Found insideBugatti was influenced by the smaller, 1.2-litre Isotta-Fraschini cars designed by Cattaneo which competed in many races, notably the 1908 Coupe des Voiturettes at Dieppe. Bugatti drew up his own car design in 1909–1910 and indeed ... Found inside – Page 462... 45 Hermes car, 331 Hispano Suiza, 144 Huet, Bugatti agent, 28 Hydraulic brakes, 83 Indianapolis, 1914, 48, 353 1915, 48 1923, 84, 363 Inventions of Bugatti, 409 Isotta Fraschini car, 332 Jarrotts, Charles (and Letts Ltd), 71 King, ... Found inside – Page 138Isotta Fraschini was an august Italian manufacturer of luxury cars that, in 1906, was the second biggest carmaker in the country, turning out three hundred cars to Fiat's eighteen hundred—not exactly Henry Ford territory, ... For the production of the car body, Isotta Fraschini commissioned the company of Ugo Zagato. 1927 Isotta Fraschini 8A S Fleetwood. Found inside – Page 168Table 7.2 Industries founded in the twentieth century Year of foundation Industry Field of activity 1902 Bianchi Cars, motorcycles, trucks 1902 Mercedes Cars 1903 Zuest Machine tools 1903 Ford Cars 1904 Isotta Fraschini Cars 1905 ... Found insideThe first car that he acquired was Italy's finest, an Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A. Not quite as powerful as a Duesenberg, Isotta Fraschinis were beautifully constructed automobiles, which, at over $20,000 then, were pricier than a Model J ... Prototype Isotta Fraschini cars wore aerodynamic convertible and closed coachwork by Touring of Milan, but less than 20 Isotta Fraschini 8Cs had been built when the factory was shut down by order of the Italian government. To put things into perspective, Rolls-Royce did not fit four-wheel brakes until 1925. 20 years of connecting classic car enthusiasts worldwide! Isotta Fraschini e Motori Breda. Rudolf Valentino drove one. Long thought to have been designed by Ettore Bugatti, the racing FE and road going FENC voiturettes were designed by pioneering Italian engineer Giuseppe Stefanini, with collaboration from chief design .

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