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Found inside – Page 567Agent : Nina Blatt , 114 Putney Park Lane , London . LENNIE , ANGUS . Actor . Born 18th April , 1930 , Glasgow . Entered TV 1959 , films 1961 . Films include : Tunes Of Glory , The Great Escape , 633 Squadron , Ohi What A Lovely War . Siegfried Fischbacher, the surviving member of the magic duo Siegfried & Roy who entertained millions with illusions using rare animals, died Jan. 13, 2021, in Las Vegas. ", Peter Scolari arrives at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sept. 18, 2016. He was 96. Later, he would play the role for five years on “Lou Grant.”. They wed on April 14, 1950, a union that lasted 70 years until Tommy’s death last January at age 93. He was 72. He won three consecutive championships from 1972 to 1974 and continued to compete when the series underwent a transformation and became what is now known as the Xfinity Series. He was 91. Biz Markie, a hip-hop staple known for his beatboxing prowess, turntable mastery and the 1989 classic “Just a Friend,” died July 23, 2021. Buy movie tickets in advance, find movie times, watch trailers, read movie reviews, and more at Fandango. Commissioner Rob Manfred called him a “proud Yankee” and “quiet star.”. Shock G, who blended whimsical wordplay with reverence for '70s funk as leader of the off-kilter Bay Area hip-hop group Digital Underground, died April 22, 2021. The Douglas Foundation, which Anne and her husband co-founded, has donated millions to a wide range of institutions, from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to the Motion Picture & Television Fund. Bernie Madoff, the financier who pleaded guilty to orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme, died in a federal prison April 14, 2021. Liddy, a former FBI agent and Army veteran, was convicted of conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping for his role in the Watergate burglary, which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. In 1989 Powell became the first Black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Ballard was replaced by Cindy Birdsong in 1967, and Wilson stayed with the group until it was officially disbanded by Motown in 1977. She was 94. He was known for playing the villain King Tut in the television series Batman (1966–1968) and musician Edwin Flagg in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - CNN. Actor Michael K. Williams, who as the rogue robber of drug dealers Omar Little on “The Wire” created one of the most beloved and enduring characters in a prime era of television, died Sept. 6, 2021. On Election Day, he carried only his home state and the District of Columbia. Bush, and her nephew George W. Bush, but for other family members running for public office, including nephew Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida. With a silky-smooth jumper and fluid athleticism, Baylor played a major role in revolutionizing basketball from a ground-bound sport into an aerial show. He played nine seasons in Denver, where he earned the nickname “The Franchise” because his signing was credited with keeping the team from relocating. This list isn’t limited to famous alcoholics. With his celebrity interviews, political debates and topical discussions, King wasn’t just an enduring on-air personality. Angie is a successful surgeon in New York City but finds herself wondering what her life would be like if she had married her former boyfriend Tyler, who is now a successful sportscaster. (AP Photo/MayaPRNY, Ken Howard), This April 1, 2013, file photo shows, from left, George C. Wolfe, Maura Tierney, Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari at "Lucky Guy" opening night in New York. George Holliday, the Los Angeles plumber who shot grainy video of four white police officers beating Black motorist Rodney King in 1991, died of complications of COVID-19 on Sept. 19, 2021. By Christmas Eve, Harmony and Kyle could be singing a different tune and harmonizing in the key of love. He was 81. Her Oscar victory kept the motherly film roles coming. He was 89. He joined the band early in 1963 and remained for nearly 60 years, ranked just behind Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as the group’s longest lasting and most essential member. At the homeless camp where the Runaways are staying, the group are woken when the young man who stole the Fistigons, nicknamed Mike on a Bike, causing problems as he tries using them. The digital apocalypse has arrived and the future is here in this addictive technological thriller full of twists and turns. He compiled a 1,599-1,439 record, won World Series titles in 1981 and ’88, four National League pennants and eight division titles while serving as Dodgers manager from 1977-96. A four-time All-Star, Sutton had a career record of 324-256 and an ERA of 3.26 while pitching for the Dodgers, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland Athletics, California Angels and the Dodgers again in 1988, his final season. Brown played with the Yankees from 1947-54, with Yogi Berra his roommate. He was 70. By A.O. Peter Scolari, a … He helped usher in a literary era of country music in the early ’70s, with songs that were political, like “Watergate Blues” and “The Monkey That Became President,” deeply personal like “The Year Clayton Delaney Died,” and philosophical like “(Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon Wine.”. In several, his character died as a frustrated lover and a drunkard. Sign up for our newsletter to keep reading. A longtime nationally syndicated radio host, from 1985 through 2010 he was a nightly fixture on CNN, where he won many honors, including two Peabody awards. Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther novels have won him an international reputation as a master of historical suspense. In A German Requiem, the private eye has survived the collapse of the Third Reich to find himself in Vienna. The group found fame with the Billboard Top 10 hit “Humpty Dance” in 1990, as Shock G, born Greg Jacobs, donned a Groucho Marx-style fake nose and glasses to become one of his many alter egos, Humpty Hump. "Sad to see the news that Peter Scolari lost his battle with cancer," Harvey Fierstein wrote. Overall, he batted .279 with 22 home runs and 237 RBIs. Storm would become an internationally famous figure, selling out clubs across the country. She was 76. He was 94. Charles Grodin, the droll, offbeat actor and writer who scored as a caddish newlywed in “The Heartbreak Kid” and later had roles ranging from Robert De Niro’s counterpart in the comic thriller “Midnight Run” to the bedeviled father in the “Beethoven” comedies, died May 18, 2021. Starting in 1975 and running for five seasons, Beatts was among a team of gifted writers that included Rosie Shuster, Alan Zweibel, Marilyn Suzanne Miller and such cast members as Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase who helped make “Saturday Night Live” a cultural phenomenon. Schnellenberger had a career record below .500, but when it came to building, he was a winner. He was 61. To further celebrate the launch of this book and both companies' longstanding relationships with First Book, Penguin Random House will donate $100,000 to First Book and Disney/Lucasfilm will donate 100,000 children's books-valued at $1,000 ... From 'The Matrix Resurrections' to the series premiere of 'And Just Like That...' to other exciting new and returning titles. THE UNKNOWN HAS AN ADDRESS. . . . Hidden away in the Badlands of South Dakota, Warehouse 13 is a top-secret repository for historical artifacts imbued with dangerous supernatural properties. He was 77. Chiba rose to stardom in Japan in the 1960s, portraying samurai, fighters and police detectives, the anguished so-called “anti-heroes” trying to survive in a violent world. He was 83. Peter Scolari, a veteran actor who rose to fame alongside Tom Hanks on "Bosom Buddies," died Friday morning. He also set himself apart with the curiosity he brought to every interview, whether questioning the assault victim known as the Central Park jogger or billionaire industrialist Ross Perot, who in 1992 rocked the presidential contest by announcing his candidacy on King’s show. He was 93. Lisa Banes, who appeared in numerous television shows and movies, including “Gone Girl” in 2014 and “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise in 1988, died June 14, 2021, 10 days after being injured by a hit-and-run driver in New York City. It’s loaded with behind-the-scenes stories: like setting his face on fire during the making of Phantasm, hearing Bruce Campbell’s most important question before agreeing to star in Bubba Ho-tep, and crafting a horror thriller into a ... He was unranked at the time, and picked as an opponent because Ali was looking for an easy fight. 3 on the Billboard charts and went platinum, led by the infectious single “Whoa!”. On the first day of competition, they both show up not realizing the other is about to compete. But his most famous role was in a harrowing drama, “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 7 Griz ride defense, special teams to win over No. He was 82. Hank Aaron, who endured racist threats with stoic dignity during his pursuit of Babe Ruth’s home run record and gracefully left his mark as one of baseball’s greatest all-around players, died Jan. 22, 2021. Hal Holbrook, the award-winning character actor who toured the world for more than 50 years as Mark Twain in a one-man show and uttered the immortal advice “Follow the money” in the classic political thriller “All the President’s Men,” died Jan. 23, 2021. He was 2-3 in the postseason, including a 34-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl in February 2001. She was Kirstie Alley’s mom in “Look Who’s Talking” and its sequel “Look Who’s Talking Too,” the sardonic widow in “Steel Magnolias” and the overbearing wife of Jack Lemmon (and mother of Ted Danson) in “Dad.”. He was 86. AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition is an updated edition to AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies, a list of the top 100 greatest American films of all time. Holliday's out-of-focus footage — about 9 minutes worth — was a key piece of evidence at the four officers' criminal trial for assault and excessive use of force. She was featured in many feature films by pioneers Russ Meyer and Irving Klaw, including a co-starring role with Bettie Page in Klaw’s 1955 film “Teaserama.”. Les McKeown, the former lead singer of the 1970s Scottish pop sensation Bay City Rollers, died April 20, 2021, at age 65. is the leading provider of online obituaries for the newspaper industry. He was 93. Norman Lloyd, whose role as kindly Dr. Daniel Auschlander on TV’s “St. Pervis Staples (pictured far left), whose tenor voice complimented his father’s and sisters’ in the legendary gospel group The Staple Singers, died May 6, 2021. Mama Sarah, as the step-grandmother of the former U.S. president was fondly called, promoted education for girls and orphans in her rural Kogelo village. She was 65. The duo astonished millions with their extraordinary magic tricks until Horn was critically injured in 2003 by one of the act’s famed white tigers. He covered school lunches, bullying, conflict resolution and how to succeed. Richardson was the first woman to lead a prolonged grassroots civil rights movement outside the Deep South. Paul Westphal, a Hall of Fame player who won a championship with the Boston Celtics in 1974 and later coached in the league and in college, died Jan. 2, 2021. Gregory Sierra, best known for his roles in "Sanford and Son" and "Barney Miller," died on Jan. 4, 2021, from cancer. Jane Withers, the former child actor who bedeviled Shirley Temple on the screen and went on to star in a series of B movies that made her a box-office champion, died Aug. 7, 2021. Prince Markie Dee, a member of the Fat Boys hip-hop trio who later formed his own band and became a well-known radio host, died Feb. 18, 2021. He was 99. The durable Sutton never missed a turn in the rotation in 756 big league starts. ", based on Edward Albee's acclaimed play. He was 87. Found inside – Page 10Jett 4.34 Millennium Actress 8.88 Millennium Mambo 7.17 Miller , Ann Moon is Blue , The 5-32 Moonshine War , The 4.26 ... Kid Home Movies 8:87 Monster Man 4:71 ( r ) Monster's Ball 7Suppl : 25 Monster Squad , The 12:14 , 17 Montagnon ... ; Old Lace attacks Mike on a Bike. Steinman was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012 and won album of the year at the 1997 Grammy Awards for producing songs on Celine Dion's “Falling Into You," which celebrated its 25th anniversary last month and featured the Steinman-penned power ballad “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.". Microphone and the Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ, died July 28, 2021. She was 92. Elgin Baylor, the Lakers’ 11-time NBA All-Star who soared through the 1960s with a high-scoring style of basketball that became the model for the modern player, died March 22, 2021. (By the way, be sure to visit Alcoholic Athletes and also Famous People Arrested for Drunk Driving.). Comedian Norm Macdonald, a former “Saturday Night Live” writer and performer who was “Weekend Update” host when Bill Clinton and O.J. He was 80. Gary Paulsen, the acclaimed and prolific children's author who often drew upon his rural affinities and wide-ranging adventures for tales that included “Hatchet,” “Brian's Winter” and “Dogsong,” died Oct. 13, 2021, at age 82. She was 80. Bush and uncle of former President George W. Bush, died May 5, 2021. Capt. After a trial in 2009, he was sentenced to 19 years to life. He was 81. Griffith worked closely with other folk singers, helping the early careers of artists like Lyle Lovett and Emmylou Harris. He was president of the American League from 1984-94. - CNN, AP. Christopher Plummer, the dashing award-winning actor who played Captain von Trapp in the film “The Sound of Music” and at 82 became the oldest Academy Award acting winner in history, died Feb. 5, 2021. He arrived in 1973 and opened an art studio in the city's SoHo neighborhood. He was 78. Shultz was labor secretary, treasury secretary and director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Richard M. Nixon before spending more than six years as President Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state. He was 91. Author of more than 100 books, with sales topping 35 million, Paulsen was a three-time finalist for the John Newbery Medal for the year's best children's book and recipient in 1997 of the American Library Association's Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement. He was 53. With the help of a truck and crane, Di Modica installed the bronze bull sculpture in New York’s financial district without permission on the night of Dec. 16, 1989. Found inside – Page 564ART A Man Called Sarge { \ 1990 ( PG - 13 ) Sophomoric comedy about a dafty WWII sergeant leading his squad against the Germans at Tobruk . ... Contributing to the realistic teel was the use of non professional actors . John Warner, a Republican U.S. senator who led Virginia's congressional delegation for 30 years and whose marriage to actress Elizabeth Taylor brought a dash of glamour to Virginia politics, died May 25, 2021. Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, a former banana producer and political neophyte who ruled Haiti for more than four years as the country grew increasingly unstable under his watch, was assassinated at his home July 7, 2021. (AP Photo/O&M Co., Carol Rosegg), Actress Tracy Shayne, left, and actor Peter Scolari attend a special screening of "Aloft" hosted by The Cinema Society and Town & Country at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Monday, May 18, 2015, in New York. They catapulted to international fame with the album, “Catch a Fire" and also helped popularize Rastafarian culture among better-off Jamaicans starting in the 1970s. Grant”) at the fictional Minneapolis TV newsroom where both worked. He was twice named national coach of the year and his teams at Temple won six Atlantic 10 conference titles. Dash originally started in the group The Ordettes, before it morphed into The Bluebells and then into Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. Only English-language movies released in … The fierce left-hander had two of his biggest victories at Caesars Palace, unanimously outpointing Roberto Duran in 1983 and knocking out Thomas Hearns in the third round in 1985. Found inside – Page 304M.G.M. ) , The Long Hot Summer ( series , 20th Agent : Peter Crouch Ltd. Century - Fox ) . ... Actor . Born 29th Representation : I.C.M. January , 1934 , Dublin . Entered industry in 1958 . 1970 : TV : Fraud Squad ( series ) . In 1984, she co-starred in an early Tom Hanks comedy, "Bachelor Party." Peter Scolari arrives at HBO's Post Emmy Awards reception held at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center on Sept. 18, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. Roberts played geologist Stacey Sutton opposite Roger Moore in 1985′s “A View to a Kill." Hagler was 62-3-2 with 52 knockouts from 1973 to 1987. He was 91. He was 82. The two actors remained good friends in real life, with Scolari saying in an interview for Oprah Winfrey that Hanks toasted him at his wedding. He was 80. - CNN. Known as “The Storyteller” for his unadorned yet incisive lyrics, Hall composed hundreds of songs. Floyd Little, the versatile running back who starred at Syracuse and for the Denver Broncos, died Jan. 1, 2021, after a long bout with cancer. "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler, the middleweight boxing great whose title reign and career ended with a split-decision loss to “Sugar” Ray Leonard in 1987, died March 13, 2021. Found inside – Page 116TCH ing an all - star cast as 007 and trying desperate- 141 min . ly to wring some laughs out of a terrible script ... It's odd to find Casque d'Or ( Golden Marie ) ( Nicolas Roeg , 1986 , GB ) Oliver Reed , Amanda him dealing with both ... He was 84. She was 52. He was 52. Popeil essentially invented the popular image of the American television pitchman, whose novel products solved frustrating problems viewers didn't know they had. Conductor James Levine, who ruled over the Metropolitan Opera for more than four decades before being eased aside when his health declined and then was fired for sexual improprieties, died March 9, 2021. Jim Fassel, whose bold guarantee of a playoff bid late in the 2000 season seemingly catapulted the New York Giants to a spot in the Super Bowl, has died. Will Smith and Aunjanue Ellis play the parents of Venus and Serena Williams in a warm, exuberant, old-fashioned sports drama. Bollywood icon Dilip Kumar, hailed as the “Tragedy King” and one of Hindi cinema's greatest actors, died July 7, 2021. He was 91. Larry Flynt, who turned his raunchy Hustler magazine into an empire while fighting numerous First Amendment court battles and flaying politicians with stunts such as a Donald Trump assassination Christmas card, died Feb. 10, 2021. Found inside – Page 435Beta , VHS $ 19.98 $ 312 Odd Angry Shot A poignant drama about a group of Australian soldiers in an elite unit who ... Beta , VHS $ 14.95 221 Odd Squad , The Five Gls in World War II defend a bridge from the enemy , and manage in doing ... Segal was always best known as a comic actor, becoming one of the screen's biggest stars in the 1970s when lighthearted adult comedies thrived. Colleagues and friends paid tribute to Scolari on Friday. He was 85. (renews at {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}}/month + tax). Gerry Marsden, lead singer of the 1960s British group Gerry and the Pacemakers that had such hits as “Ferry Cross the Mersey” and the song that became the anthem of Liverpool Football Club, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” died Jan. 3, 2021. Salsa idol Johnny Pacheco, who was a co-founder of Fania Records, Eddie Palmieri’s bandmate and backer of music stars such as Rubén Bladés, Willie Colón and Celia Cruz, died Feb. 15, 2021. Grant spent less than four full seasons of his 14-year major league career with the Twins, but they were by far his best. The 1988 book won the Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction. Jackie Mason, a rabbi-turned-comedian whose feisty brand of standup comedy led him to Catskills nightclubs, West Coast talk shows and Broadway stages, died July 24, 2021. Markie Post, who played the public defender in the 1980s sitcom “Night Court” and was a regular presence on television for four decades, died Aug. 7, 2021. Some in the British media called them the “biggest group since the Beatles”. Elsewhere” was a single chapter in a distinguished stage and screen career that put him in the company of Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin and other greats, died May 11, 2021. Rush Limbaugh, the conservative media icon who for decades used his perch as the king of talk-radio to shape the politics of both the Republican Party and nation, died Feb. 17, 2021, after a battle with cancer. When first published, Marshall McLuhan's Understanding Media made history with its radical view of the effects of electronic communications upon man and life in the twentieth century. Formed at the end of the 1960s, the Bay City Rollers enjoyed huge success in Britain and abroad with their tartan outfits and pop tunes like “Bye Bye Baby," “Shang-a-Lang" and “Give a Little Love.” They had a fanatical teen following and sold more than 100 million records. The former Joan Miller met Tommy Lasorda at a minor league baseball game in her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, where he was playing for the Spinners. Mary Wilson, the longest-reigning original Supreme, died Feb. 8, 2021. 44 like Jim Brown and Ernie Davis before him. The pair performed six shows a week, 44 weeks per year. A company merger pushes Harmony Matthews out of a job at Suprasonic Records and back to her hometown. Adroitly interweaving the characters' stories, Paulo Coelho uses his twelfth novel to paint an engrossing picture of a world overrun by glamour and excess, and shows us the possibly dire consequences of our obsession with fame. Jack Ingram, a hard-hosed, hot-tempered racer who won five NASCAR championships and more than 300 races, died June 25, 2021. Please subscribe to keep reading. He played his entire career with the Tigers, from 1961 through 1976. He was elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1997 as a manager. Ron Popeil, the quintessential TV pitchman and inventor known to generations of viewers for hawking products including the Veg-O-Matic, the Pocket Fisherman, Mr. He was 90. She was 78. She supported and campaigned not only for her brother George H.W. Oprah is the leader of every Odd Squad precinct in the world. Retired Sen. Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican known as a consensus-builder in an increasingly polarized Washington, died July 26, 2021, after he broke his neck in a bicycle accident. Melvin Van Peebles, the groundbreaking filmmaker, playwright and musician whose work ushered in the “blaxploitation” wave of the 1970s and influenced filmmakers long after, died Sept. 21, 2021. He was 84. The irascible Mason was known for his sharp wit and piercing social commentary, often about being Jewish, men and women and his own inadequacies. (AP Photo/Solters & Digney PR, Dan Steinberg), From left, actor Peter Scolari, actress Julia Duffy and actor Bob Newhart talk during an interview with the cast of the television show "Newhart" in Santa Monica, Calif., Feb. 7, 2008. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP), Peter Scolari appears on stage at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Beverly Cleary, the celebrated children’s author whose memories of her Oregon childhood were shared with millions through the likes of Ramona and Beezus Quimby and Henry Huggins, died March 25, 2021. Willie Garson, who played Stanford Blatch, Carrie Bradshaw's friend on TV's “Sex and the City" and its movie sequels, has died. After winning a championship with the Celtics, he made the finals in 1976 with Phoenix, where he was a key part of one of the most riveting games in league history. Born Mark Morales in Brooklyn, Prince Markie Dee was a prolific songwriter and founding member of the Fat Boys, a group known for beatboxing that released several popular albums in the 1980s such as the platinum record “Crushin'.”. She was 65. Scolari appeared in numerous films and television series over the years, including "Newhart," "Murphy Brown" and "The Good Fight." 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Fast paced, action packed, and completely hilarious, this is the start to an exciting new middle-grade series by actor and writer Thomas Lennon. She was 93. Alma Wahlberg, the mother of entertainers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg and a regular on their reality series “Wahlburgers,” has died. Weinstein, a World War II veteran appointed by President Lyndon Johnson, had spent more than five decades on the bench in Brooklyn before retiring last year. Neil Sheehan, a reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who broke the story of the Pentagon Papers for The New York Times and who chronicled the deception at the heart of the Vietnam War in his epic book about the conflict, died Jan. 7, 2021. Brennan transferred to Hawaii after stints at Colorado and Saddleback College in California. His pull as America’s favorite neighbor never seemed to wane before his death in 2003. ", Bobby Brown, an infielder who played on five World Series champions with the New York Yankees and later became a cardiologist and president of the American League, died March 25, 2021. He was 77. He was 78. She was the daughter of Karl Wallenda, who had founded the troupe in Germany before moving to the United States in 1928 to great acclaim. Chaney had 741 wins as a college coach. He was 37. Brennan led the Warriors to its finest season ever, going 12-0 in the regular season. He was 77. He later became a successful options trader on the stock market. After years in regional theater, Beatty was cast in 1972's “Deliverance” as Bobby Trippe, the happy-go-lucky member of a male river-boating party terrorized by backwoods thugs in “Deliverance.” The scene in which Trippe is brutalized and forced to “squeal like a pig” became the most memorable in the movie and established Beatty as an actor whose name moviegoers may not have known but whose face they always recognized. The interview coincided with the DVD release of the first season of "Newhart." Mondale followed the trail blazed by his political mentor, Hubert H. Humphrey, from Minnesota politics to the U.S. Senate and the vice presidency, serving under Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. Later, he portrayed Miguel "Chano" Amanguale, a detective on ABC's "Barney Miller." CoNLL17 Skipgram Terms - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. She was 89. Schottenheimer was the eighth-winningest coach in NFL history. He was 58. Simpson, Patricia Hearst and the alleged Boston Strangler, but whose legal career halted when he was disbarred in two states, died June 3, 2021.

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